More and more shorebirds are arriving by large numbers to the Elkhorn Slough Reserve and to a couple other of our survey locations. Jerry Road is one of my favorites because its where we are able to see a bigger diversity of shorebirds from Black-bellied Plovers to Whimbrels. This week my fellow survey partner and I had a special opportunity to meet with Carleton–he is an avian ecologist with Point Blue Conservation Science. We had the chance to survey Snowy Plover nests and Karina was able to locate one all by herself as we were walking on a gravel path. Snowy Plovers like to nest on gravel paths because their eggs resemble that of a Snowy Plovers egg which helps it camouflage from predators. Also this last Wednesday Karina and I attended a community outreach event that took place at my local gym in Salinas, CA called ‘In’Shape’.  We took this opportunity to reach out to the public about the Elkhorn Slough Reserve and briefly discussed what Environment For The Americas is. Some of the people didn’t even have an idea that the Elkhorn Slough Reserve existed so it was a really good feeling to see people exited about going to meet a new location where they can take their families to and enjoy a educational walk through the reserve.

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