“The early bird gets the worm” – I never cared much for this, but now I know that the statement is very true. I had the privilege of going out to the field with Lisa and Deisy bright and early Monday morning. Thank goodness we started at 7 o’clock because we had to take a detour back to La Jara to get all the gear we forgot back at the office.

Finally, we got back on track and headed to the Wetlands. We traveled from pond to pond to pinpoint the most accurate spot in which we could see the most shoreline. As we bumped down the road our eyes veered off into a tree that had a juvenile great horned owl. I often hear them in trees at my house but rarely get to see them because they are great at camouflaging themselves. That was only the beginning to the beautiful creatures we saw. We went on to see another two great horned owls. After we finished the first four ponds we went on to finish up on the mission we had set out on. Coming up to pond 115 we had the privilege of seeing a whole flock of American Avocets. On to the next pond we saw one Avocet floating on the water solito. I asked Lisa if it was possible to get out of the vehicle and attempt getting closer. I was about ten steps away from it and had just snapped a picture when it noticed my shadow and flushed from sight. After we finished surveying the ponds we went on to check on Lisa’s designated ponds. It was a good thing we did because on the way there we saw a humongous coyote. It was pretty funny because as soon as we got to it, Lisa’s first sight of the hundreds of ducks flushed from being frightened by the vehicle, yet a predator was inches away from gobbling them down.

Tuesday and Wednesday were much quieter. Deisy and I organized our activities and prepared for our upcoming outreach. Thursday the two of us set out for another adventure. In order to make bird feeders out of pine cones we had to go find pine cones. I knew just the place, or so I thought. I took Deisy to my childhood stomping grounds of Forbes Trinchera. We searched the hills only to realize it is not the season for the big pine cones. Defeated by our failure I decided to show her around the place. We went up to look out point where we could see the entire view of fields and the three closest towns. It truly is a miraculous sight to see.

I honestly can say this week showed me such great beauty. Every day that passes I realize that I am more and more in love with my job and cannot get enough time out in the hill. I’ll leave you with the note of knowing next week begins the chaos of our many outreach opportunities so I will be back with countless stories. Ta-Ta for now =)

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