The chaos has begun! I must say it is the best chaos that I have ever been involved with. I never realized until Monday how hard it truly is to make creative, educational, and fun coloring/ activity books for kids. I give props to the teachers who are able to do so and make it both flawless and exciting to do. Deisy and I decided to be “responsible” on Tuesday and took the time to go to the recycling center to find jugs for future bird feeders. It was a stinky job! We had a blast doing it and realized it was even better after we got to Walmart to buy other supplies and decided to scratch the whole idea and do a cheerio bird feeder instead. Last week our pine cone adventure was a fail, however, this week it was the complete opposite. We took our chances of getting lost and took a road trip to Terrace Reservoir. We were pretty sure we were lost a few too many times but thankfully our gut was wrong and we actually were right on track. Unfortunately the pine cones were not as fat and juicy as we would like, but, the ones we did find will do just fine!

Thursday was the record setter for us. It was our first outreach experience. ELL night was one for the books and gave me the realization that Deisy and I’s hard work truly is paying off. We gave a presentation and made  pine cone bird feeders to the Spanish children and parents at Alamosa Elementary. We also had enough time to play a game that Deisy came up with to help the kids identify the differences between reptiles, mammals, amphibians, and birds.  Stefan Armenta (an intern for BLM) assisted us by making cheerio bird feeders with the younger students and educated them on the birds that are in the valley. To see the engagement was truly miraculous I had such a great time and was happy to be making a difference in their lives. We not only spoiled them with all of the fun but they also spoiled us by giving us food and interaction with new faces of the San Luis Valley. I am ready to face next week that will be full of events for other schools. Until then, have a great Easter!

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