On Saturday May 18th Karina and I will be having our International Migratory Bird Day walk at the Elkhorn Slough reserve. This walk will be special because it will be a bilingual walk for both English and Spanish speakers. We have been handing out fliers to our local schools in our community and other local locations to inform people about our event. We are very excited to be the ones coordinating this walk because it is something we have been planning and working on for a while now. We should be expecting from 10-20 people for this event from all different age groups and for that reason we are also having art craft for kids. Some of the crafts include coloring shorebirds, making a shorebird mask and a trail activity that involves checking off the different plants or animals that they come upon as they walk the trail. Our shorebird surveys are getting smaller since most of the shorebirds have migrated up north, we have rarely seen any large numbers like we were seeing prior to this month.

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