Día Del Niño Outreach


Last week was El Día del Niño at Ramsey Park in Watsonville, CA.  This is an annual event to celebrate Earth Day. Karina and I, as well as our supervisor Amanda, participated in the event by setting up a table that included information about the Elkhorn Slough Reserve. We also had a very fun board game for kids and also adults to participate in. The game included different animal species as well different habitats in picture cards that needed to be coordinated with each species and its habitat. In the event there was also a lot of different outreach tables from different organizations that provided very informative information for kids and adults to enjoy. The surveys have been going good with a large mixture of shorebirds from Sandpipers to Plovers and Willets. I am starting to see fewer numbers though as the shorebirds are leaving our survey areas to other places. It seems like the last couple of weeks the shorebirds were just here in large numbers, but that has changed really rapidly.

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