Earth Day in Watsonville!

This past weekend Carlos and I were able to do outreach for the Elkhorn Slough Reserve at the annual Earth Day/ Day of the Child celebration in Watsonville.

We started the day by meeting at the Reserve. Our supervisor, Amanda A., from the CA Department of Fish and Game introduced us to the game we would have at our table. It was a good idea to get acquainted with the game in advance because there were several correct answers for the game. We then loaded everything we would need for the event.

We also learned that Hugo Ceja, last year’s Monterey intern who now works at Elkhorn Slough Reserve, would also be coming to the event with us. We soon made our way to Watsonville’s Ramsay Park and quickly set up thanks to some of the volunteers present at the event.

There were a lot of people present at the event! There were also a lot of different organizations and groups tabling, it was nice to see such a large variety.

We had a lot of people stop by our table and a lot of them were Spanish-speaking so I think it was really beneficial that Carlos, Hugo, and I were there since we all speak Spanish. Even though Spanish is my native language I still had a hard time with some of the words I wanted to use to describe the Reserve, so I will definitely have to work on that for next time.

The game we had seemed to be a success with the children who stopped by. The game task was to match up an animal with the food it eats and its habitat. Some kids were really knowledgeable about the animals and were able to solve the game fairly quickly but they all seemed to enjoy it.

Overall it was a really good experience and gave me a good glimpse of all the outreach that is to come!

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