This week I had the pleasure of doing a presentation at my high school about Environment for the Americas and what our internship is all about. A lot of the students seemed quite interested in the work we are doing and what EFTA stands for. It was refreshing talking to older students who you can relate to much more than elementary students…since it hasn’t been that long since I was in high school. It was quite nostalgic.

I remember in high school we would have visitors come to our classes and do presentations but the guests where always much older and a little bit hard to relate to. I think that when talking to a student who is in high school, you need to be relatable and engaging so they actually pay attention and ask questions. I tried to make them feel like I understood where they stand and how they feel because, of course, I was a high school student as well. It was pleasure being able to walk around my old campus and see how much it has changed along with how much our native plant garden has grown since we started back in 2007!!! I can’t wait to pay them a visit again.

In addition, Carlos and I went out to Zuma and Long Beach to survey Snowy Plovers. We had no luck in Zuma, BUT we did see a pod of 7 dolphins and 2 sea lions. It was quiet a beautiful day as well.

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Until next time 🙂

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