Sunday Funday! I had the opportunity to go out with the seasonal staff, Stefan Armenta, to McSimpson to irrigate the land. I must say it was an experience to say the least. I have grown up on a ranch so, of course, I knew the logic behind irrigating but found it interesting how different irrigating can be from one location to the next. Not only did we see a lot of water and get muddy but also had the opportunity to see wildlife. We saw deer prancing through the trees and drove right up next to a bull snake. Stefan could not see it, so we decided to back up so he could. It was next to my door, or lack thereof, because we were in the razor. I was not too frightened but to see his reaction was classic. We also came across a few Wilson Phalaropes and a young Avocet all alone…it was too cute watching it take off into flight.

Tuesday was another adventure all in itself. Deisy and I set off for our survey journey as usual, however, we added pond 141 to our survey list. We had only been there once so it was an experience learning directions both to it and leaving it in order to get to pond 116. We took a road which we thought was a road, but apparently it was only a four wheeling road and we ended up on an island of a dry pond. I am pretty sure I scared Deisy on the way back because I took a non-road in order to get back to the road and head back the direction in which we had come from. It was a memory for the books and a laugh I will cherish throughout the season.

Thursday was bittersweet. The kiddos are out of school for the summer…YAY for them, BOO for us! We participated in our last classroom outreach at Monte Vista Elementary with 4th and 5th grade classes. We had a blast doing so and were asked to go back the first and second week of the next school year, so we are looking forward to seeing the young faces again. It is one of my favorite things to see their faces light up with all the knowledge we fill their little brains with.

Friday Byeday. It was definitely a blessing that it is finally Friday. An extended weekend is very much needed. That being said I hope all stay safe and bring in the summer with a lot of outdoor activities and a whole bunch of birding…. Tweet Tweet until next week


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