School always boils down to that one week where you remember how much you should have paid attention and apparently did not…I am only kidding. This week I took my finals! I am officially done with my first year of college, YAY ME!!

It has definitely been a stress-filled week, but I managed to get through it level headed. I officially participated in my first shorebird survey. American Avocets are as graceful as ballerinas. Their red color is so rich with the bright morning sun. I learned that they apparently never get the worm because they are not early birds. It was not until after 8 o’clock that they finally decided to wake up to join the rest of the flocks for their breakfast. I was proud of myself because I remember at one time I had no eye for a bird, yet on our survey, I scooped out a Killdeer. It was magnificent to be able to get as close as we did to him before he scurried away like a road runner. Man, he had little legs but those little legs sure did move fast.

Given that the wetlands are made up of over 200 ponds I did not get lost once driving today. Okay, Okay, I admit I did miss the entrance turn and took us a few miles off track, but I still got us there. Six ponds, two girls, binoculars, food, music, and a Ford Explorer got through the journey in approximately 3 hours. I cannot wait to collaborate with Deisy and head out next week for our surveys again. I am beyond stoked now that school is over to finally get started on my summer fun with BLM. On that note, stay warm, or chilled until we meet again.

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