Every time I go out on the field to survey I start to wonder if any birds actually stay together after they mate? Maybe its because I’m a girl and those instincts just come up, but I was honestly curious. What a coincidence that I would stumble upon an article on NPR’s site that would answer my exact question.

In this article, Robert Krulwich, mentions Noah Strycker’s book, The Thing With Feathers. In this book Strycker says, “These globe trotters (the Albatross’s), who mate for life and are incredibly faithful to their partners, just might have the most intense love affairs of any animal on our planet.” After years of being on their own, the Albatrosses make their way back to their native land where they will gather and begin to dance in order to find a mate.

Once they have partnered up and the two Albatrosses have danced together for a long period of time, their steps begin to coincide with one another and until then they are ready to mate. How romantic, right! Just like a scene out of a movie. And although, it has taken them many years for them to find the right mate, as many of us, the Albatrosses do not change mates. Strycker says, “It will generally stick faithfully with its mate until one of them dies, which might not be for another fifty years.” Imagine my surprised when I read that. It just incredible that a seabird like the Albatross could be so faithful to its mate. Such a fairytale in the bird world! I used to think only a certain kind of penguins would mate for life, but boy oh boy! Was I wrong!!

If you would life to read the rest of story here’s the link (http://www.npr.org/blogs/krulwich/2014/04/22/305582368/introducing-a-divorce-rate-for-birds-and-guess-which-bird-never-ever-divorces). It’s quiet interesting! There’s no love quiet an Albatrosses love!

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