As Carlos and I are nearing towards the end of our shorebird surveys at Ballona Creek, and our numbers have drastically dropped from an average of 300 hundred to just about 30 shorebirds!! I guess our fellow intern, Erica, who is in Alaska has received all of our shorebirds already, haha. I never thought that I would ever be able to identify so many birds as I have these past few months. This has showed me that when you are passionate about something you learn things quickly…that or we just had GREAT instructors(which we did, so both). As one shorebird survey ends, we continue on with L.A Audubon’s Least Tern survey. Let me just say how much I love Least Terns for their cartoonish look. The night I went for my training I stayed to watch the sunset at Marina Del Rey where the enclosure is located, and as I got closer to the shore I saw HUNDREDS of Sanderlings and one beautiful Black Oystercatcher. Unfortunately they where located on the other side of Ballona Creek so I couldn’t include them on our regular shorebird survey. These Sanderlings were getting so close to me I almost wanted to catch one just so I could feel them.

In other news I would like congratulate Carlos on his graduation from Cal State Long Beach this coming week!! YOU GO CARLOS!


P.S: How lucky are we to be able to work at the beach at times!!! I love it!!!!


IMG_1439 IMG_1456 Processed with VSCOcam with f1 preset  IMG_1476

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