This week was very fun, filled with a few firsts. I had my first classroom visit at Aldama Elementary School. Viviana Vallin, from the Audubon Center in Debs Park, allowed me to join her in her already-scheduled class visit. She let me present the Migration Game to the class and she talked to them about pollinators and the different flower morphologies. We worked in their native plant garden where they also have a vegetable garden. It was a very nice garden with a lot of shade, which made it a lot better to do the activities in the ninety-plus degree weather. The students enjoyed the game and were very informed on how to help the birds during their migration. It was a fun experience and I look forward to visiting more classrooms in the near future.

This week I also had my last shorebird survey. The most shorebirds I counted in a single survey was 338 in early April. This time I only counted 12 shorebirds. The difference is very impressive considering it has been just over six weeks. I had help from three volunteers; Andy Guzman, Diego Zapata, and Guadalupe Davalos. They are part of the Green Team in Debs Park and assisted me last week in the IMBD event. They were excited to help me with the shorebird survey and Least Tern monitoring this week. We were fortunate enough to observe two Osprey fishing during our shorebird survey. It was very exciting, but the Osprey was unsuccessful in catching a fish. It should ask for advice from the terns that are constantly seen flying with fish in their beak.

During the Least Tern monitoring we saw a lot of Least Terns flying around and using the exclosure. There were many times when a Least Tern (presumably the male) would present a fish to a Least Tern sitting in the enclosure (presumably the female). They were very active this week. They often dive-bombed crows that got too close to the areas they were using within the exclosure. It was exciting to watch the Least Terns. It was my first time witnessing them using the exclosure and being so active. I am looking forward to visiting the site again and hopefully see eggs. I will keep you notified!

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