Here is a recap for these last few weeks…

These past weeks have been all about the Least Terns. Monitoring is well on the way, and I just fall in love more and more with the Least Terns. I will admit the sound that the Royal Terns make scare me. Hahahaha. I was monitoring the other day and in unison a couple of them started to make their call, and I literally jumped! I don’t even think I can be that loud. How amazing is it that birds of that size can have such strong calls.

Oh yes, about two weeks ago Carlos and I had the chance to visit the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. We were able to speak with one of the employees who is in charge of the shorebird exhibit. The exhibit wasn’t that big, but the small amount of shorebirds they had were very well taken care of. My favorite had to be Gigi the Black-necked Stilt…she was sooooo pretty!!! I wish we could have stayed longer and enjoyed the entire aquarium, but someone was in a hurry to leave…*ahem* Carlos…hahaha.

IMG_2539 IMG_2541 IMG_2536

Today is my last full day in San Francisco so I am going to enjoy it as much as I can. It has been nice to get away from Los Angeles and to take a break. I don’t know if I’m ready to leave here yet though; I’m really falling in love with the city! I randomly ended up in one of the protected Snowy Plover beach areas. It was awesome! …’Til next time guys.

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