Growing up I knew I wanted to teach and help others, but I never really wanted to be a teacher per se. The idea of being stuck in a  classroom day after day for 8 hours straight is just tiring to me (no offense to you teachers out there, I truly appreciate your hard work). But lately I’ve been realizing that in a couple of ways I am a teacher. I go out to classrooms and teach kids about migrations and birds. I do surveys, and when I have volunteers join me, I teach them the techniques on surveying and birds.  I might not have the role of a standard teacher, but I certainly do teach. All of these opportunities are making me really want to be an outdoor environmental educator of some sort. I love being able to teach others about shorebirds and environmental issues. It’s something I care about a lot, and being able to share my knowledge just fills me up with so much joy! That was the main thing that attracted me to apply for this internship. So, if anyone reading this needs someone who is an Environmental Educator ….I AM HERE! hahah

On a different note, yesterday Carlos and I had the chance to visit 6-7 classes at San Pascual Elementary School. The kids ranged from ages 7-13 grades 2-6.

From what the Vice Principal told us, their school for the past year has been getting more involved in nature activities and learning about birds. A couple of the classes we attended have visited Debs Park and the Ballona wetlands. When we were doing our presentation, some kids had such great questions and knew so much already. It was nice to know that other schools are becoming more involved in STEP programs at such a young age. My plan now is to reach out to summer programs since school is about to be out next week for most kids and do birding activities with them. I hope I can make it happen.


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