I am currently packing for my first trip out in the field with the U.S. Forest Service. I am beyond excited if all goes as planned, and the weather allows us to travel via HELICOPTER! YES, I said helicopter! I will be working with the USFS’s fish crew on an island where we will be fixing an existing fish pass. The project will require us to camp for approximately 6-8 days. Not only will this be my first helicopter experience, but also my first time camping on an island!

It has been raining quite a bit this week which is great for the plants and fish (it’s been a fairly dry spring- we experienced a small wildfire and have a fire ban forest wide), but not the best weather to travel in. For now, all I can do is pack and be prepared for our not so certain departure (June 2, 2014). I am hoping everything goes well and we have a successful safe trip! I am packing my camera so I also look forward to posting about my first field camp experience once I return! Happy June everyone! 🙂

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