This has been one of my favorite weeks this year. I had the opportunity to assist with a summer camp that had campers between the ages of eleven and thirteen. The camp lasted four days and we had a field trip every day. On each trip we had between fifteen and twenty campers, and it was great to meet every single one of them. Our first day we went to Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area, where we hiked a bit while birdwatching. We also learned about plate tectonics and about the resources that are taken from the ground, such as oil. The next day we visited the tide pools in Palos Verdes and got to observe the different organisms that live under the ocean. That same day we visited the Marine Mammal Care Center and we were able to learn about the dangers that the sea lions and seals face. We also learned how they take care of them and try to reintroduce them to the wild and some of the difficulties they encounter. The next day we visited Franklin Canyon and we got to hike some trails. Franklin Canyon is a very nice hiking spot and it is fairly close to the city. It was my first time visiting and I am definitely going back. We saw a lot of turtles in a pond and we heard a lot of different birds. On the last day of camp we visited a section of the L.A. river where they have been working on restoring it and making it look more natural. It was very beautiful. I am excited to see more of the river to be restored in the coming years. I enjoyed the camp a lot because I got to visit many new sites, but the part that made the camp very fun to be a part of were the campers. They were great kids and they made the camp very fun.

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