Restoring Habitat

This week I started assisting with habitat restoration at Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook and Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Park. I joined some L.A. Audubon interns and together we pulled weeds and watered some of the native plants they have planted earlier in the year. Most of the week we were at Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook pulling Chrysanthemum. There was a lot of it spread throughout the park, but with eleven Audubon interns we were able to get rid of those weeds like goats that were let loose in the field. It can be hard work because of the heat and little to no shade, but having people to talk to makes the job very enjoyable.I am learning a lot from the experience. I am getting better at identifying the native plants and I am learning how to care for some of the plants. Some do not like to get watered and many native plants just need to get watered when they are young to get established, but when they are older they no longer need to get watered as often. L.A. Audubon has many great plans in adding to the restoration sites and I am looking forward to seeing how the parks change in the coming year.

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