My 10 weeks of surveying shorebirds have come to an end during the last weeks, which was on the 23rd of May.  I was fortunate enough to see a couple Avocets at one of the survey locations. The rest of our survey locations were bare of any shorebirds since they have already migrated out further north. Fortunately, I will now have the chance to be part of monitoring the fascinating Black Oystercatcher out in Point Lobos and Asilomar State beach with Hugo. Black Oystercatchers like the rocky habitat found along the shoreline in Point Lobos. The shorelines are steep cliffs along the ocean, with crevices that the Black Oystercatcher will occupy and make a nest in. These crevices are somewhat hidden, making it hard to sometimes spot the Black Oystercatchers , you need to be very vigilant and focus when trying to locate them. I will try to post some pictures of the Black Oystercatchers for you guys to have an idea of what the bird looks in its habitat.

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