These numbers represent the decline of Snowy Plovers in the past 15 years alone!

This year we managed to only see 28 snowy plovers at the Blanca Wetlands.

How can you go from 120 to only 28 in such a small amount of time!

This absolutely bafffles me.

If these numbers don’t prove to the world that we need to do something to save these birds, I don’t know what else can.

From this survey, we were able to see how important changing an environment can be. Eighteen of the Snowy Plovers were found in the same pond. This information can be very important in increasing the population next year because we now have a better understanding of water requirements for how deep, the amount of vegetation, and the type of salinity the Snowy Plovers prefer.

On a brighter note, guess who is CPR and first aid certified??? This girl! I was so nervous since it is the first time I have been certified for CPR. It’s a lot easier to save a life than I imagined, ha. Our instructor made us follow the beat of a song in order to get the right amount of compressions in 30 seconds. It was so funny watching everyone follow the rhythm as they pushed down on their dummy’s chest. I had a blast and at the same time learned something very valuable that I will remember forever.

After three months of living in a government house alone, I am happy to announce that I have three wonderful roommates now. No they are not a horse, or birds…they are actually human beings.

Eric – Range Guy

Isidro – Wildlife Biologist

Sam – Fire guy

I hope to learn a lot from each of them! Excited to spend time with these three guys 🙂

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