Splish, Splash,

I was taking a bath in the McIntire Simpson waters. Talk about a walk down memory lane, Portland  (2013 EFTA Blanca Wetlands Intern) and I spent all of Monday irrigating the land just like I used to as a child. I can say it was my favorite day of the week because not only did I get to spend time with awesome Portland, but we also got to raise chaos on the 4-wheeler and play in water that was up to my waist. Most people would say it’s gross because of the stench it brings with it but honestly growing up in it I love every second of it. Our shorebird surveys are starting to come to an end. The ponds that at one time carried several different types now only carry a few. We still see our favorite (American Avocets), but they are starting to nest so seeking them out is becoming quite the challenge.
Bugs, Bugs, Bugs! They smother everyone! Portland ate a few on Monday and a few of them have eaten Deisy every other day. I am proud to say I have yet to be bit! =) I guess you could say maybe it’s because I wear bug spray like it’s a new scent of perfume, or maybe because I wear a bug jacket and refuse to take it off until we are free and clear from the wetlands or McSimpson. Either way my skin still remains bump-less =)

Wednesday was anew experience. I had the opportunity to assist Angelica (2013 EFTA intern) in a Macro invertebrate survey on pond 016 at the wetlands. It was the biggest pond to survey but it was a blast. We had to walk around the pond to the points which the samples had to be taken from. I did the water quality sample as she took the sample of the macros. We had a blast, I can say I love doing it but it would be much easier if we did not have to walk as much, especially in waders.

The week finally came to an end on Thursday after we got to spend a morning with a group of teachers participating in an environmental education camp. We helped them perform a mock Macro survey and identify the creatures that were swimming around. After wrapping up our fun time with them we did our last survey of the week which was a bit depressing. Not only are the shorebirds leaving for the season but so did our baby owls that we have watched grow up. They did not even say goodbye =( It was sad, yet happy too. The fact that we got to watch them grow from the time they were in the egg until the time they were in flight was awesome.

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