Wow, only one more month to go and this internship will come to an end. * Will my business cards still count?* hahaha. Having a week off in San Francisco I had sometime to reflect of the last few months, so I thought I would put together a little list of the main things I have learned, along with some tips for some of you who might be looking into applying for an internship or job.

  1. Organization is KEY!!!

Having an internship is just like having a JOB! You have different assignments and tasks to do, hours to keep track of, forms to fill, conference calls and meetings with your supervisors. Also, just like in a regular job you have to keep track of when everything is due, and if you are not organized (having a planner or a big calendar helps A LOT) you will loose track of certain things you had due or times.

  1. Learn how to properly introduce yourself to others.

Meeting someone, especially a person with a higher title can be intimidating, but practicing how to introduce yourself and learning what things to say will make a big difference in the first impression you make on that person. One thing I have learned is not to sell yourself short (in person or on paper, but don’t lie either). Be confident in your tone and with what you are saying but don’t be arrogant. You never know, the next person you meet might be your future boss.

  1. Explore the job market and what jobs might be available.

Being in an internship does not always guarantee you a permanent position once it is over. During the entirety of your employment you will constantly meet people who work for the organization or others outside of your work place. Don’t be afraid to ask if they have other intern opportunities available or actual job positions. If doesn’t hurt to ask and you don’t loose anything.

I know this wasn’t a long list but I hope It helps someone out there reading this. Till next time.

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