Between the early morning SWFL (Southwestern Willow Flycatcher) surveys and the night amphibian surveys, my sleep cycle has been completely messed up. Wake up at three a.m….work ’til noon….sleep….work at 7 p.m…..and then get home at 3 a.m…CRAZY!! But completely worth it.

This week I would like to give the “bad luck” award to my dear friend and co-worker, Mianna Maestas. I have come to the conclusion that she does not work well early in the morning or late at night. During our SWFL survey, while we all walked around in dry clothing and shoes, all you could hear was the “squish…squish” sound coming from Mianna. Somehow she managed to get completely wet, even with hip-high waders on. That’s not where her bad luck ended though. During our night amphibian survey, while sitting on the side of the truck, she fell back into the trunk of the truck. No idea how she lost her balance, but it was pretty funny to watch. Excited to see what more will happen to her this week, haha. Much love Mianna 🙂

As my time here in Alamosa slowly comes to an end, my friendship with the amazing people I have meet here continues to grow. I’ll be sad to leave behind three amazing roommates, four hilarious BLM interns/seasonals, and two incredible bosses.

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