My speed went from 50 to about 100mph in roughly 2.2 seconds flat! Things were moving at a normal pace…which was until this week! Somehow I went from a normal schedule of participating in surveys, purchasing materials, helping out where I could, and piecing together the upcoming festival, to SWFL surveys, the startup of fall shorebird surveys, purchasing time ending, finalizing festival plans, delivering donation letters, taking on a new volunteer and training her, safety training, the wetlands opening to the public, and so much more.

This chaos is the chaos I can truly say I love! I absolutely love being busy 100% of the time. I am often told to stop working because even when the day has ended I am still working. I guess it is safe to say I am addicted to work. I am becoming more sad every day to see my time at work slowly ticking away, but I am more excited than ever because our festival is that much closer. Plans have finally been approved, the word is spread, and fun is unfolding. It is a bit much for me to handle, and I know that if I wasn’t such a self-starter and motivator, that Deisy and I would have never been able to pull off such a big event, but I feel we have found our common ground of working together and actually completing the tasks that need to get done. It is the best feeling to see our bosses faces when they ask us to get something done and we are both able to say that’s already done and taken care of. It is even a better feeling knowing that they want us back for years to follow.

School is right around the corner and this means I will be a full time student, work study worker, full time employee, and full time event coordinator…. SI SE PUEDE!

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