Being from Southern California we rarely get any rain…especially because we have been in a drought for quite some time. When preparing for my bird walk I prepared by thinking to myself about how many people might attend, what to talk about, and which trail to take them on…ect., but I was NOT prepared for it to RAIN!!!!!

It hasn’t rained in MONTHS and, of course, the weather Gods would choose to make it rain during my walk. It freaked me out. In my mind I was like, “Oh no, the birds are not going to be out and these people are going to leave.” Good thing it only rained for a couple of minutes…enough to leave me wet! As we continued the hike, I talked about the plants, scenery, and what make the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook so special. We had the luck of seeing a gopher snake, a good amount of birds(once the sun came out), and we even enjoyed cracking some black walnuts from the trees here at the park (SHHHH…Don’t tell my boss). Which, by the way, black walnuts are delicious but it was too much work to crack open for a tiny little piece of walnut! Haha:)

Over all it went well. The couple that came was great and were super into the walk and gave me great feedback. I had a great time leading a little bird walk. Unfortunately because of scheduling I did it in the late afternoon, a morning walk would have have been better. But hey, I learned from it.

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