During the course of this summer over 300 nest islands were monitored, installed, and maintained. As the field season winds down and my internship comes to an end, we conducted maintenance on our last islands for the year.

Nest islands allow Dusky Canada Geese nesting habitat. Early in the season we monitored all of the nest islands and when we visited islands we made sure to note which islands needed landscaping maintenance.



The primary way we get to our islands is with the air boat and poke boats. IMG_7645

Once we found our island that needed landscaping we dug up holes on the island or covered bare areas with sod and/or sweet gale (Myrica gale). Sweet gale provides cover for nesting geese and we try to make sure there is at least 30% sweet gale on the island.IMG_1968

Working in the Copper River Delta was hard work but also very rewarding and fun! I really enjoyed kayaking through the Delta and sliding on the Delta mud. I often used Delta mud to cover my skin to prevent the bugs from biting me.



It was an amazing field season working in the Copper River Delta! Seeing Dusky Canada Geese, moose cows and calves, coyotes, shorebirds, and a BEAVER made being out in the Delta all that more adventurous!


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