Crazy Deisy May Days

Doin Work!

Doin Work!

Deisy May (Not really her middle name but it’s what I call her) is beyond awesome. She is also beyond crazy, spontaneous, and forgetful. I have never met someone that asks so many times in a day, “where did I put my…” Not only did she forget her personal cell phone at the mall in Denver but she also managed to lose her work phone out on the wetlands. She may be forgetful but she is also very lucky because no matter what it is she loses, somehow she always finds it.

I think back and never in a million years did I believe I would be such great friends with someone that is my complete opposite. I eat meat, Deisy eats tofu. I wear cowboy boots, Deisy wears converse. I complain about everything, Deisy sees the light to every dark day. It is true when they say opposites attract. I would have never guessed 2 completely different people could become such great friends. I realize now she is the best partner anyone could ask for! We of course have our disagreements and dislike each other some days but it’s amazing to see someone put forth the amount of effort into work that I do. She has become my right arm. It seems as though things that I have not done, don’t want to do, or simply don’t think about doing, somehow get done and it is thanks to a great friend like her. We sing songs to each other too often and stay serious not enough. I love ya Deisy May and I am not excited for this next month because it means that your time with me is almost up.

On another note, we had another grandiose adventure. A crew came out to help us on a shorebird survey out in the wetlands. It was a take back moment to training and learning everything there is to know about a bird, scope, and binoculars. I was surprised to see how engaged they all were and their eagerness to learn more. Unfortunately we weren’t able to make it to the best pond because of all the mud but they still were able to get a fill for what we do with our day and how challenging a survey can truly be. Next week we get to see their awesome faces again for an enclosure project we will be working on together. I am looking forward to spending my weekend out relaxing with a fishing pole. I am sure I will need it because next week holds a whole new adventure. TaTa for Now =)

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