Wow! I can’t believe my time is up. These five months went by really fast!! I can honestly say I have learned a lot and gained a lot of experience that others can take years to gain. I am so thankful to everyone that made this internship possible, not only for myself but for all the other interns as well.

The training we had in San Diego was very informative and fun for all of us. We got to visit various locations that I can’t wait to go back myself and have more time to enjoy them. I have made several friends along the way that I know I’ll keep in contact with, and we help each other out in this new chapter in our lives.

This internship really let me see how it is to work with a non-profit and all the hard work that goes into it. Since I was placed in Los Angeles, and this was the first year EFTA had interns in the L.A area, we had to really get ourselves out there to make things happen. Having made connections with several elementary schools and other organizations will make it easier for future interns to get started.

I have gained skills in communications, research, and outreach that I know will help me stand out in the future.

I am so thankful to have worked along side Stacey Vigallon from L.A Audubon. She has been a mentor of mine since I graduated high school, and working with her during this internship helped me build a strong work relationship with her that I hope will result in future job opportunities.

I realized through this internship that research assignments were not for me but outreach and interpretive work was. I guess that’s what internships are for, to help you decided whether you want to work in that field or not.

As to what I am going to do now that this internship is over…
-Continue with school and get my B.S In Environmental Geography
-Continue working for CA State Parks and take the test to possibly obtain a Park Interpretive Specialist position here in Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Northern California.
Oh, and start my own Vegan/Vegetarian E-cookbook!

This has been quiet the experience and I am truly grateful for everyone, including the readers for being part of all our journey!
Thank you!


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