It is that time of year once more, the mornings are much cooler and I get some frost on my windshield. It hasn’t snowed much but the feeling of winter is undeniable. The holidays are around the corner and what has EFTA asked for during the season of giving? A prosperous and flourishing year to all, packed with a wealth of opportunities for everyone to rejoice migratory birds!

As we gear up for the upcoming year, I think back on all the people who dedicated something to EFTA and bird conservation, to the Celebrate Shorebirds interns and their families and to the audience of International Migratory Bird Day. There is so much to be thankful for and to build upon. 2014 was a great year for EFTA and its sponsors, and we hope that the blessings continue into 2015. So thank you for being part of the EFTA and IMBD family.

Now, what’s on the plate for the final month of the year?

Well a lot, while the 2015 IMBD theme is still working itself out (there is still time to vote on a title!), we have managed to find a wonderful artist, Amelia Hansen from the great state of Michigan. Her drafts are wonderful and exemplary of the multitudes of bird habitats expressed through art. The theme of habitat restoration with a focus on Mangrove, Wetlands, Tropical Forest, Grasslands and Backyards is promising and one that should resonate with many people across the Western Hemisphere. It is our goal to encourage the continuance of the 680 IMBD events and hopefully increase that number to over 700 for 2015, and cover all 50 states here at home.

2015ThemeArt                                                                                     YellowWarbler

New Interns are here! we have gathered the best of the best for our Celebrate Shorebirds 2015 Internship. Los Angeles, Monterey Bay and Alaska sites have all been endowed with their own eager, determined and invaluable bird scientist in-training. Familiarize yourself with them by reading their bio under the respective tab!

While we are all hard at work finishing off the year on a high note (Tweet! Tweet!) remember to enjoy yourself, your friends and family and things that make us all happy during these wonderful weeks ahead. Keep and eye out for all the great things going on with EFTA and IMBD and Happy Holidays from all of us at the home of International Migratory Bird Day!

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