Centennial K-12 When I interned for EFTA in 2013 the very first school I started outreaching to was Centennial K-12; the school I attended as a child. I really enjoyed working with all of the students, parents, faculty and staff. Everyone was extremely helpful and super excited to have me back this year doing educational activities with the students. Talisa and I went to Centennial to see if they would once again be willing to work with us EFTA interns again, and their response blew us away. We spoke to the principal, eight different teachers, and a handful of students and every single one of them was thrilled to work with us again. It was awesome hearing how well we did last time and how excited they were to have us back. Some of the younger students we worked with in 2013 still refer to me as the “bird lady.” Outreaching is definitely a passion of mine, but I cannot begin to explain how much it truly means to me to have the opportunity to go home and work with students, parents, faculty and staff that I grew up with. I am very excited to be able to go back and work with Centennial in the future.

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