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Talisa and I at the Ortega Middle School here in Alamosa.

Talisa and I at the Ortega Middle School here in Alamosa.

We had the opportunity to attend the Ortega Middle School Reality Store/ Job Fair. OMS brings in students from all over the valley to attend this Reality Store. For this reality store each student is randomly given a “life sheet” which tells the student how many children they have, what their monthly income is, how much they have to pay on taxes, groceries, housing, vehicles, insurance, family activities, clothing and childcare. It was really cool talking to these middle schoolers and hearing them complain about how much everything actually is. Talisa and I set up a booth for the public land use. Because the students are limited on the amount of money they can spend, like most adults, the first question they would ask us is “how much does it cost?” It was really funny watching the students faces when we told them that they can use these lands for free. Many of the students had not heard of the Blanca Wetlands or other public lands we have here in the Valley, so it was really neat explain to them where these areas are at and what they can be used for. We were also able to give them actual trail maps for areas around here. It was awesome to se how excited Overall, it was a fun filled day that allowed us to raise awareness for public land and public land usage here in the San Luis Valley.

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