This past Sunday we had our IMBD celebration at the Elkhorn Slough Reserve. This day consisted of crafts, games, and we had the benthic invertebrate microscope lab open for the public.

Since our IMBD event coincided with Mother’s Day, our craft of choice was personalizing nature-themed Mother’s Day cards.IMG_1456

We also had our bean bag toss game that I made this year! I was inspired by seeing how popular these types of games are at outreach events. I tried making it educational while still making it fun. The board consists of 4 different birds. The bean bags in this case are different types of animals that these birds might eat. So aside from trying to make it into the hole, the participant also has to pick the right food for the birds. So far the feedback on the game has been very good so I’m pretty happy about that!


Bird food: tick, mouse, fat inkeeper worm, crab, caterpillar!

Bird food: tick, mouse, fat inkeeper worm, crab, caterpillar!

In the benthic invertebrate lab we made sure to include some birdiness into it by also having several different types of feathers to look at under the microscopes.

We had plenty of visitors coming by the slough this weekend so it was a pretty good turnout! Great day overall.

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