Sue and I were driving around town, one place to another, finishing off every last detail for the Walk we could think of. The whole time we were wondering whether the weather wold hold. It had been rainy for what seemed like an eternity and that day, there was a break in the somber skies and delicious rays of sunshine came down. We hoped this would stick around until the weekend, but the forecast was less than promising. It has been an unusually raining spring this year. That would be my luck, after putting in a better half of a year into this event, it was in jeopardy of becoming a soggy morning with chilly temperatures that could drive the most dedicated birder indoors. And Sue said it herself “That’s the problem with having outdoor events.” See in previous years Walk in the Wild had been through it’s fair share of not so fair weather. One year there was even an unlikely participant, snow!

I was already worried I hadn’t done enough to get the word out about the event and now there was this. The thing was, that as much you can plan around things, and plan for things and even plan everything, some stuff is just completely out of your grasp.

However, we couldn’t have asked for a better day. Pheeww! tragedy averted, and the Walk went on without a glitch. It was a close call, but Walk in the Wild was meant to happen I guess. The event started off great with all the organizations hosting activities that day showing up on time, set up was a breeze, although frantic and erratic at times, and there was even breakfast.

Things seemed to be running smoothly, yet I felt overwhelmed at times and almost forgot I had to lead a bird walk, yikes! It was my first time ever leading a bird walk. I had done all sorts of interpretation and other programs, but never a bird walk.

Explaining what bird nest's soup is made out of.

Explaining what bird nest’s soup is made out of. Can you guess?

I have to say, one of the best experience I’ve ever had. I had nerves boiling inside me like a pot of soup and I somehow kept a cool demeanor. You could still tell I was nervous though, because I was having trouble projecting at times. But it was fun being the ‘expert’ for once and people were genuinely interested in the birds and stories about Walden Ponds, and that right there was the greatest part of whole walk.

As the ceremonies were ending I had a women who was on my walk come up to me and say “The best walk I’d ever been on.” I let out a big sigh, ahhhhh! At least one person thought it was good! It’s a great feeling to see your work manifest itself before you and feeling like you actually accomplished what you set out to do. Looking back on the walk and all the people who came out to experience the nature, birds and learning it really humbled me. It doesn’t have to be perfect, and things can and most likely will go wrong. I was so worried about having the Walk be perfect, yet someone was able to have a an experience so great, they would even call it the best they’ve been to. If it had rained all morning and the skies were dark, as long as one person came out it would have all been worth it. I would have been happy either way.

And that gave me some peace, because I knew then that what we do everyday as EFTA interns makes a difference.

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Susan · May 20, 2015 at 9:55 pm

Nice post Carlos, and great job with the event! Now you can organize anything!

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