Our first SLV bird walkWhile in San Diego, we (EFTA interns) joined in on a bird walk that took place in Tecolote Canyon. I thought it was an awesome experience! We had a lot of fun and learned so much. After this bird walk I really wanted to have one here in Alamosa, CO and share my love of birding with others, but we do not have areas like Tecolote Canyon here in the small city of Alamosa. I was not entirely sure if we can even have a bird walk here in Alamosa and if we can, where on earth would I take a group of beginner birders? I spoke to the Ornithology professor at Adams State University and he offered to take Talisa and I out on a bird walk with one of his classes. Not only was the bird walk educational it was an awesome and completely new experience. I have been on a couple of bird walks, but the one with Dr. Armstrong and my peers was very different. When we went on our bird walks in California, we met at a specified location and followed a trail and looked for birds. On this walk, we drove to different areas around Alamosa and Monte Vista. We went to many different types of environments and saw several different species of birds. It was a lot of fun looking for all kinds of birds and it was awesome to see how much Talisa and I have learned about birding. We have set up a beginners bird walk to take place here in Alamosa, and we could not be more excited for it to get here!

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