Sudden plunks of water, the hooting of a groggy owl, and far off in the distance, the occasional whir of cars passing by.  As the day sets and the visitors steps begin to quiet down; the forest comes alive with a different sound. The sound of wildlife preparing for the day or rest, becomes prominent to those who stay around to hear it. Moments of such magical and quiet isolation can be difficult to find, but are just as necessary to our well being. Time and time again, I’ve heard people say how much taking a walk helps them de-stress, and so far it has held true. Aside from all the cool wildlife that my always-busy supervisor saw, she was also able to put aside her to-do list for a moment and gain her peace of mind. With a headache creeping in, it was obviously time for me to go for a walk as well!


Our uniforms give us super strength! To let visitors know that we are approachable and here to help

I grabbed my binoculars, put on my hat and headed out. As soon as I set foot on the trail, I was approached by everyone. I talked to families about the different birds that were around, one woman even just talked to me about the weather! I’m constantly reminded of how nature has the potential of making people seem young again, as they ask questions about, and admire, wildlife. And as I talk to them, I begin to wonder, “what brings you here”? People with children, people in pairs, or even on their own, with or without binoculars, have taken time out of their day to take a stroll (yes stroll, jogging is prohibited on the refuge!) through the refuge. Whether you take a moment to be in nature for the wildlife, for health, or for a moment with your family, you will most likely find yourself feeling pretty good. So if you’ve been thinking about watching T.V. to relax today, give the park a try. You might not feel better, but you might also see something you can’t watch anywhere else!

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Susan · May 13, 2015 at 8:40 pm

Nice Lily! And I heard from Scott Tucker that you and Brenda did a great job on the roundtable.

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