With the visitor’s center filling up with students and families, I think about how I have marked the beginning of summer. For me, summer would begin the moment school was over. We’d throw a big party, say goodbye to friends, and thus began the  days of endless bikeriding. Actually, school dictated a lot of how I perceived time. I remember how the summer days would blend into one, as I no longer had to write the date in the top right corner of assignments.  Sure we learned about the seasons, rain in spring, sunshine in the summer, red leaves in the fall, and snow in the winter. But in southern California, it’s almost as if though we only ever get to see one season!

The forest looks so much prettier with the leaves in! Didn't I tell ya?

The forest looks so much prettier with the leaves in! Didn’t I tell ya?

Although the summer heat (and as of late, even the lack of rain) is the same as California, things are notably different here in Oregon. Perhaps it is because I am living in a much different environment than I did back home, but I am much more aware of the seasons and the changes that it brings.

Looking out my window, I see the fields that were once brown turn bright green as the farmers continue to work on their fields. I’m also reminded of the different fruit seasons as I drive along and see the signs for fresh strawberries around every corner. Although I knew about these things vaguely, it is such a different experience to see these seasonal changes.

If only Lily was as sweet as the berries she's picking! jk! The marionberries were a tad sour, & Lily is pretty sweet I guess :P

If only Lily was as sweet as the berries she’s picking! jk! these marionberries were actually a tad sour, and I guess Lily is pretty sweet 😛

Everywhere I go, the changes of the seasons are apparent. The wetlands and ponds at the refuge once teeming with life, is still teeming with life! They’ve just gotten a bit smaller or have completely dried up. Yet despite this I can still see little frogs and tadpoles, as well as geese and their little goslings.

I can’t wait for the rest of the Oregon summer!

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