Something that I get from writing this blog is taking the time to reflect on what I do each week. It is easy for me to get so into the work that needs to get done, that sometimes I lose track of the reasons that I do those things. After some friendly reminders to think about highlights of each week *cough* thanks EFTA *cough*, I have started to make it a habit to think about what I am doing and the path I’m on.

After compiling and updating all of my past experience for my master resume, I tried to look at it objectively. How much of my past experience meshed showed my goals and passions? How can I make it so that my experience matches my goals? What really are my goals?

Although I spent a lot of time glued to a computer this week, I also spent a lot of time being able to talk to different people, and all these instances had something in common; we were all bound and captivated by nature. From experiencing breath-taking and heart-warming experiences with friends, to seeing something amazing while leading a fieldtrip, I’ve come away this week noting how much I enjoy sharing the wonders of nature with people.

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I also spent some time searching for a community outside of the refuge. These searches led me to the offices of OPAL Organizing People and Activating Leaders for Environmental Justice Oregon. Gathered in the room were diverse activists both young and old, as well as families and people like myself, who came alone, drawn to a space where one feels a passion and energy towards positive change. Although it was just my first meeting, I felt such a great atmosphere, like I did when I met with the LA Femmes of Color and the Environmental Processionals of Color.

Walking the trails with the Boss! Here's to amazing wildlife and advice.

Walking the trails with the Boss! Here’s to amazing wildlife and advice.

This week has really been great for reflection. I remembered that I am truly interested in environmental justice and sharing nature with people.

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