I’ve never worked for an organization or company that just flat out gave me what I wanted. The opportunity to come out to the Oregon Coast and and do research is something that’s just plainly unbelievable. I’m fortuitous that this was a possibility, and that the folks at EFTA made it a reality. This is something I’ve been yearning for ever since I left the lab I was working for at my university.

I arrived in Portland early last week and spent a few days, roaming around and taking in the sights. After a fun vacation, I set off on my own to the Oregon Coast; weaving through thick forest and probably just as thick fog. I’ve never seen so much greenery and such big trees. In Colorado, we really don’t get that much moisture, but here, it seems as though it’s constantly wet. After a scenic drive I arrived in Newport, a small, characteristically coastal town with a beautiful bay view and small seafood cafes. Oscar, another EFTA intern, greeted me and took me out for some delicious Newport seafood.
Since arriving my days have been filled with Common Murre monitoring, interpretation training and exploring the landscape (throw in some great birding in there too!), It’a been a whirlwind, and I absolutely love it. I’m truly enjoying the Common Murre Surveys. I’ve learned exponentially in just the few days I’ve been out on the Lighthouse doing these surveys. I’m excited to see what this summer has in store for me. I’ll keep you posted!

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