Talisa and I had to get ATV and UTV certified in order to be able to do some of our surveys, and let me tell you both days were a blast! Talisa wrote about the ATV training and you can read all about it on her page. For our UTV training we went to an area by Rock Creek and drove trails and performed different tasks on the UTV. I was really nervous about this training because I was the only one there who had never had any sort of experience on a UTV. Its safe to say that all of that changed when I strapped on the seat belt and all of my gear. Driving the UTV was so much simpler than I thought it would be. Although I grew up around ATVs I liked the UTVs so much more simply because  I felt a lot safer in them.

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It has been raining here in the Valley almost everyday and the mountain tops still have snow on them, so the trail portion of our certification was a muddy adventure. I was literally covered head to toe in mud at the end of the day- I even had mud in my hair! I am so happy that I was able to take these certification classes because I feel much more confident in my ATV/UTV driving abilities and knowledge. I am excited to use them in the field!

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