What do people on the Oregon central coast do for fun? With the vast amount of state parks and National Forest land the answer is very intuitive. The major activities people do during their free time have to do with the outdoors. Hiking is perhaps the most popular since trails are readily accessible and there are many large hiking networks near the major cities. One only needs to drive for a few miles, often on any direction, to find a park or recreation area with trails, camping grounds, historical lighthouses and spectacular views.

Since I arrived in Oregon one of my goals has been to explore as much as possible of this beautiful state. So far it has not disappointed. I have experienced some of the most rewarding hikes of my life; by that I mean that the view at the end of the trails was really worth the effort and time. Two examples of those paradisiac explorations are Cape Perpetua Scenic route and Cascade Head. Both within a one hour drive of Newport.

Cape Perpetua 2

Cape Perpetua featured a total of about 10 miles in total when doing all of the trails. The view on top of the hill was breathtaking and I even got to see an old growth spruce tree that was over 100 feet tall. At Cascade Head I saw for the first time Roosevelt Elk. I am from California and we have Tule Elk, a much smaller species; it was very interesting to find Elk thriving in a habitat completely different from the ones I am used to see.Cascade Head

Giant Spruce

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