Today I had the great honor of turning into Charlie the Chub and walking in the 2015 Stampede Parade. The Bureau of Land Management collaborated with the National Park Service to design a float that depicted the Great Sand Dunes National Park complete with a mountain bike and camping tent. Another intern was dressed as Suzy the Sucker and the Geologist dressed up as Stoney the Stonefly. The three of us were a swell bunch as we ran around high fiving small children and making others run away in fear. It was so much fun though! We had a couple of people sitting on the float and then a couple more people dressed up in fishing equipment following the fish around trying to “catch” them. The public absolutely loved it and it was so rewarding to make people smile while promoting recreational activities and conservation efforts.

11745316_847818288638661_3766437261473767121_n IMG_0863(1)


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