It sounds incredibly technical and serious and somewhat intimidating when you start hearing phrases like that getting thrown around the office in reference to your training. I remember hearing “inter-agency collaboration” followed by a slough of other professional references and technical trainings and thinking, “…just what did I get myself into…??” However, I have now participated in several projects that required interagency collaboration. Now that it is all said and done and realized it is sort of a fancy way of saying you get along with the people in your office and get the opportunity to assist, or invoke their assistance, on whatever cool tasks are happening within your department. Being that I am an intern within a rather enormous department I have been incredibly lucky to be able to work with many different people within the department. The BLM has a TON of interagency collaboration. There are so many projects. So much fieldwork. So many activities!! So far this summer I have been able to participate in shorebird surveys, Southwestern Willow Flycatcher surveys, Burrowing Owl surveys, prairie dog surveys, ATV training, first aid certification, Range Management Public Land Health Assessments, Risk Management Assessments, and attend a public presentation on Solar Energy Development in the San Luis Valley.
That may sound overwhelming, but I could not have been more excited to be able to experience each and every one of them. It has been such unique and valuable exposure to the workings of the Bureau and the different fields that I could potentially work in one day. These trainings have been so eye-opening to the day to day life within the department, and I can happily say that it is a life I would love to have!

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