I honestly believe that I have one of the best jobs in the world! I get to participate in protecting our environment and our natural resources while doing some awesome work. This year I have gotten ATV/UTV certified, helped give tours at the Blanca Wetlands, participated in Southwestern Catching toadsWillow Flycatcher (SWFL) surveys, conducted shorebird surveys, helped lead snowy plover surveys, and as always, conducted our macroinvertebrate surveys and water quality samples. With this variety, how could anyone get tired of this intern/wildlife biological technician position? It is really crazy to think that I have been an intern/wildlife biological technician with the BLM for four years! I wanted to share an array of photos with you guys that way you can see the many faces of a wildlife bio. tech. at the Blanca Wetlands.

ATV//UTV TrainingCrain Festival 2015


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