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At the end of this week Morgan, Anjelica and I had the opportunity to go on a field day with the Office Manager of the San Luis Valley Field Office, Andrew Archuleta. After working in the San Luis Valley all summer, Andrew wanted to take us out to show us some of the various BLM sites around the valley that we might not have seen before and talk to us about our career goals. I was really excited for the discussion, because I figured I had visited just about everywhere in the valley these past 5 months. Back and forth to trainings, various animal surveys, and assisting different departments had given me a fairly broad exposure to places in the valley – so I was excited to be able to go outside, but more excited to be able to talk with Andrew about being successful in the type of career field that we all wanted to go into.

Walking through Penitente Canyon with Andrew, Morgan, and Anjelica

Walking through Penitente Canyon with Andrew, Morgan, and Anjelica

It turns out I was sorely mistaken about having seen a large part of the valley in my short time here. Every BLM site Andrew drove us to was just as beautiful as the next, but in its own unique way. BLM is a multiple use agency, and it was such a different experience to hear Andrew talk about the importance of how these lands were managed to make sure that each use compromised with the next to keep an area functional. It sounded like a difficult, but definitely rewarding type of job. Andrew also spoke with us about his many experiences working for both the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the BLM. Having the chance to hear career advice from a person who has been so successful within these agencies was so beneficial, and honestly fascinating! I never considered that so many factors go into the tiniest aspects of Natural Resource careers, and I can’t wait to keep learning more about them. The scenery that these talks took place in didn’t hurt either 😉

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