Well we are back at it! Back in the saddle and ready to work. Thanks to some sweet collaboration between us, EFTA interns, and the NPS, we’ll be on the first bus to Mt. Rainier tomorrow (first and only bus) to help out with trail restoration and invasive species removal. We’ll be joining our friends from the NPS Lewis & Clark Historical National Park youth staff at the Longmire Volunteer Campgrounds for some campfires and sing-a-longs. But starting Tuesday, we’ll be out with Mt. Rainier National Park staff helping out with some trail maintenance, invasives removal and probably lots of other stuff. I’m really looking forward to this, especially the camping at the park. Mt. Rainier is an active volcano so that would be my first time ever atop of one of those. And who can complain about a little manual labor in such a gorgeous place, with subalpine flowers and glacial streams and lakes. I also haven’t seen snow in a while, and I am starting to miss Colorado a little, so maybe if I see snow tomorrow it will cure me of some mild homesickness.

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