I arrived to Newport Oregon in March 7th, and today it has been almost six months since I started my internship with Environment for the Americas.  After turning in my final report, my time in Newport and Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area comes to an end, and I leave with a lot more than what I  had at the beginning.

I was able to experience firsthand the importance of environmental education, and I gained skills that I am sure I will be able utilize as I move on in my professional career. I also gained important leadership skills such as coordinating and leading public events pertaining bird conservation and conservation. I put the technical methods I learned in school into practice when I worked with Oregon State University with their sea bird monitoring program. I had the opportunity to work with multiple government agencies, which taught me about the challenges of managing public lands and how these entities work together to achieve the  common goal of preserving our resources for the future generations.



Outside of the professional development I also had the opportunity to reinforce my connection with nature. Oregon offered many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors and also provided exceptional birding spots. After all this experience, my interests have shifted from wanting to become a field researcher to becoming an environmental educator. I want to bring excitement and enthusiasm for the outdoors to the people who have not had the opportunity to be part of it.

rsz_tree_swallowAt this point I have no doubt that wildlife biology was the right major for me, and I am interested in acquiring a graduate degree in education so I can keep influencing people in specific the Latino community.


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