My Summer Internship in Oregon Has Come and Gone

The summer has come and gone, and I am finishing my last week at the park. Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area quickly became a second home, and I’m sad to say goodbye. I can tell I will be homesick the moment I leave the Oregon coast. This journey has been a whirlwind, and I did not expect to have all of these adventures. Many of my fellow interns are on their merry way out as well. To new jobs and internships. I’m proud of their hard work and dedication to their craft, and I wish them luck in their new endeavors. As for me, I still have a more work to look forward to once I return to Colorado, and I can’t wait to be home surrounded by family and friends. The feeling is truly bittersweet.

As I tally up the hours spent doing certain tasks I’ve had the chance to reflect on the body of work that we’ve done here as interns. Every program, presentation, field trip, monitor, survey and camp; All the good times, the bad times, what we did great, what we did not so great and everything in between. I’m glad to have strengthened partnerships from the past and to have worked with new folks who will hopefully continue to be part of IMBD and EFTA.

Under the Giant Spruce at Cape Perpetua.

Under the Giant Spruce at Cape Perpetua.

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