Hey there! My name is Joyce Realegeno, and I’ll be interning with Los Angeles Audubon these next few months. I recently graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a degree in Sociology. Since returning home, it’s been interesting to see how closely the major ties in with a lot of topics that are of discussion within many environmental groups—namely the aim to diversify the movement. Which is what struck a lot of my interest with the Environment for the Americas internship.

I’m the youngest of three in a mostly traditional Salvadorian home. I grew up in the urban core of Los Angeles and am incredibly dedicated to establishing stronger ties to the environment within densely populated communities. I try to go on hikes as often as I can and look for birds, frogs, lizards, and whatever else I can find. It’s always really fun to see what’s living in the city!

I’m really looking forward to meeting the other interns and reading about what their internships will be like. I also hope that by working with Environment for the Americas and Los Angeles Audubon, I’ll be better prepared to learn from and teach a wide variety of individuals about shorebirds and a whole range of environmental topics.

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