This week I got to check out the site for our International Migratory Bird Day. The park itself is huge. I will have to check out Walden Ponds a couple more times before the event, or I will have to teach the kids how to use a map so they can help us all back. It’s a beautiful site. Just while we were visiting the site in the winter, we saw two red-tailed hawks, a northern harrier, and a group of Ring-billed Gulls on the frozen ponds.

On Friday, I got to go to the Latino Youth Leadership Conference. The conference is designed to inspire Latinos to become leaders in their community. Three speakers spoke about coming from different places, and told similar stories about the struggles they had to overcome because of the discrimination they faced growing up. They talked about how they overcame these struggles in their own way, and how this applies to the audiences’ lives. Afterwards, we talked to small groups of teens about how to apply leadership skills in environmental science. We discussed barriers that prevent Latinos from engaging outside, and how to fix these issues. So it was a good day. It felt good to be around people that looked like me, and cared about the same things as me. I was inspired to have people around me that have similar ideas and similar goals as I do. Will I be wanting to get more into educational outreach? Maybe, just maybe.

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