“Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual satisfaction.” -E. O. Wilson

My name is Christine and I live in Los Angeles. I graduated this past December from Cal State L.A. with a bachelor’s of science degree in biology. I focused on natural history and conservation which is what I love. That being said, I’m grateful to be starting the next phase of my life in wildlife conservation.

When I was little, I used to fantasize about being a biologist, hiking through a rainforest in search of a rare and beautiful insect or an elusive mammal. This image stayed with me as I worked in college and now that I have my degree and am going to Alaska as a Celebrate Shorebirds intern, I feel like I’m living out a dream. I owe my decision to follow a path in conservation in part to my parents who taught me to appreciate the beauty in art as well as nature.

I spent ten of my most crucial “growing-up” years in Lake Orion, Michigan living with my mom and two sisters, surrounded by nature. During this time, I played the violin until I moved back to California to attend university. This might explain my attempt at pursuing a double major in music and biology. Due to less than ideal circumstances, I had to eventually drop the music major but I never stopped pursuing my interests as a musician. Now, I also enjoy painting and drawing although I don’t do it as much as I’d like. On a normal day I enjoy joking around with my dad whom I live with currently. He’s a retired photographer and an endless well of historical knowledge. One of my favorite yearly traditions has been camping with my boyfriend and his family in Sequoia or the Eastern Sierras where we enjoy bird watching, hiking, and just being present in the beauty of the land.

Being granted the opportunity to intern with Environment for the America’s in Alaska has so far been one of my proudest achievements. I hope this guides me to more opportunities in wildlife conservation whether that means landing a job surveying birds in Peru (my mother’s native country) or doing research as a master’s student in my hometown. Whichever route I take, I hope it helps people feel as passionate as I do about wildlife.


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Donna DeWitt Schnell · May 25, 2016 at 3:46 pm

Hello Christine… I am Donna, the Carnesciali’s family – Michigan family. I have heard so many many wonderful words about you for quite a few years now. I am hoping that one day we can meet up and get to know one another. I love your blog – both word-wise and the photos of your birding experiences in Alaska. You tapped into the creative energies of the students with your crafts. Yes, students love glitter. . There is never enough of it and always a big mess. The Carnesciali’s are avid bird enthusiasts so you could not be in with a more compatible family of like interests.
Keep following the fire in your heart and others will pick up the flame.
Best regards, Donna

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