I need to set the standard for myself while I still have plenty of time. I have plenty of expectations for the job, but I have yet to actually pave the path to getting there. Well first and foremost, I want to protect nature. I want to conserve our land for generations to come. So my first goal is to do whatever I can to do that. If that means sitting at a desk planning events, or if that means backpacking through the mountains for weeks, I will do that. The second thing I want to accomplish is expanding my audience. As you may have read, my Spanish isn’t great, but I still think it’s important to reach out to every person that I can reach out to. I already have a good start on my Spanish, so I should continue that. So whether I am in or outside the office, I will push myself to practice my Spanish. The last goal of mine is to widen my skills as a conservation biologist. I know this internship is going to provide me with the opportunity to do many different things, like plan an event, do public outreach, survey and field work to name a few. I need to remind myself of these goals I have set for myself, and to always push myself. The only thing that stands in the way of my goals, is myself.

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